Do you want to hang out
with people your age who have similar values?
Would you like to connect with God and deepen your faith?
Do you want to grow your relationship with Jesus?
Do you have a question about the church or faith?
Fun Opportunities for Jr. & Sr. Highers...
-Service Projects
- National Youth Conference 2018 for Sr. High
- Join our Praise Team
- Share your musical gifts
- Volunteer in the Nursery
-Participate in Worship
- Nat'l Youth Sunday
- Live Nativity
- Overnighters
-Annual Outdoor Worship
Skits - Readings- Acolyte
 Wednesday Nights
5:30 pm Supper
6:15 - 6:30 pm Worship Service
(You DON'T want to miss this)
6:30 - 8:00 pm Group Time SR High
Sunday Mornings
9:00 am Intergenerational Sunday School

Fall Youth Activity

  Presentaion of Bible