You can be a part of Harvest of Hope by
giving financial donations. You may put your
donation in the Sunday morning offering and designate it for
Harvest of Hope.
Please contact
Marlin Hershey,
Barbara Miller or
Diane Sittig
if you have questions.

            HARVEST OF HOPE,
our local growing project is a unique opportunity to eliminate world hunger 
bringing together farmers, churches and agribusiness to grow a crop and send
the proceeds to FRB. FRB’s goal is to support the efforts of the world’s poorest communities to produce or earn enough to feed their families and have a little extra to barter or sell, send their children to school, and to buy staples and basic medicines.  During the month of September, you can make a donation to Harvest of Hope and help eliminate world hunger. Place your donation in the morning offering. Checks should be made out to the church with a Harvest of Hope notation.

          HARVEST OF HOPE, 
the local Foods Resource Bank Growing project, is one of the outreach programs of
  South Waterloo Church of the Brethren in cooperation with other area churches        
 - is continuing its twelveth year! A total of $$259,650.00 has been donated to Foods
 Resource Bank during the past nine years. 
Other participating churches include  St Timothy
 Lutheran and Zion Lutheran of Hudson; and Lewiston Church of the Brethren in Lewiston, MN.  

Foods Resource Bank is a Christ ian organization committed to addressing hunger in developing countries
using sustainable agriculture.



The funds have been used in Guatemala, where trees are being planted to reforest the area, cisterns are being dug so clean water is available nearby, fuel-efficient stoves are being constructed so families can cook without inhaling the smoke from the fire, and skills are being taught. Nicaragua and North Korea are also benefiting from the recent donation to Foods Resource Bank.